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The innovative Aromatherapy Modular Injection system (AMI) was designed by Insignia and is found on all their steam showers.
So what is this system? It allows the user to directly infuse the steam with essential oils from inside the shower enclosure itself, the first of it’s kind on the market. Click here to view the
AMI Essence website.


Simply pour the Insignia AMI essential oils into the filler cap and press the injection button for approximately three seconds. This opens up the solenoid to allow the oil to enter the generator. Once the steam generator is infused with essence it will mix the water and provide luxurious fragrances into the steam.
Please note after you have poured the AMI essential oils into the filler cap, screw the lid back on to avoid any accidents.
There are lots of fragrances to choose from including single strength and double strength oils.
Do you want this innovative system but don’t have an Insignia shower? Not to worry as we have retro-fit kits that can combined with both horizontal and vertical steam generator systems. Do you have a cabin without the steam and want to upgrade? You can with our DIY steam room kits, perfect for an existing enclosure or your very own bespoke steam room at home.
It is not advised to use alternative essential oil within the AMI system. All essential oils from the AMI essence website have been tried and tested with the components within Insignia steam generators. The event of a failure in the generator due to a non-tested essential oil will result in a void warranty on the generator.
We do not advise to use an alternative essential oil with the AMI system. All of our essential oils are created for our systems only. Steam mixed with essence carries different properties – it can and does break down chemical contents of the original constituents.
Our essences are trailed and tested with our systems to eliminate the highly dangerous reactions that can occur when using a different oil. To be able to sell essences for our purpose you need a cosmetic license set by the E.U. 99% of essences on the market are not totally pure, this means that they are using synthetic and do not have a license.