Interior design and décor is incredibly important for many, with customisation a crucial part of many purchases, from beds to sofas, from kitchen worktops to flooring. Colour, design and style are key for many so here at Insignia we have incorporated many customisable elements into the 2nd Generation shower range.

You can choose the shape of your shower, whether it be a corner quadrant, an offset corner quadrant or a rectangle. Choose what best suits you and your bathroom. You can also choose the size, opting for the shower enclosure which will fit perfectly into your bathroom or en-suite.

Choose from the different framework colour options of either black or chrome and then, model depending, you can choose whether the front glass and doors are clear or tinted.

Next you have the back panel colour options, which come in mirror as standard or you can upgrade to a flat matte colour or carbon style colour option.

Added to these customisations you can choose whether you would like your shower to have steam or not and whether you want to have your shower in the Premium or Platinum (link) range.