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The Advancement of Bathroom Technology

Technology is advancing at an alarmingly fast rate. Think about mobile phones for a moment. The computers and internet of 25 years ago don’t even come close to the physical capabilities of mobile phones today. A portable computer which fits in your pocket is more powerful than the highest spec computers of the early 90’s which is a frightening notion. Think about the bulky and awkward TV’s of the early 90’s. A grainy picture, ludicrously heavy and approximately 24-28” as standard. Compare that to today where a 50” LCD HD Smart TV is relatively standard. Not just an upgrade in picture quality and size but also shap...

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Insignia Launch Branded Clothing

When it comes to work attire, office uniform everyone always has a different idea of what is deemed acceptable, especially when the uniform is stated as smart casual. Here at Insignia, we have revolutionised what our office staff wear on a day to day basis by getting new branded polo shirts and hoodies. We are getting the best of both worlds with the staff wearing comfy clothing but it equally looks smart as it represents the company with the logo and image whether it be drivers on the road, staff in the warehouse or the guys in the office/showroom, there is a new consistency which mirrors the brand. Quality is the message that ...

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Insignia Instructions

Insignia Instructions Here at Insignia, we aim to provide the best possible showering experience possible for our customers. Part of being able to provide this service is making sure your build process is as easy and straight forward as possible. This is why Insignia prides themselves in their award-winning instructions. All our instructions for our steam and hydro-massage showers or steam generators are Istructions 1st pagekept online on our Insignia rang...

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Introducing the AMI Retro Kits

Insignia would like to introduce you to AMI - The Aromatherapy Modular Injection System pioneered byami-retro-kit_1 Insignia. AMI is the first and only injection-based system amongst the steam market. Setting up and using could not be easier. All you need to do is remove the filler cap, pour in your AMI Essence, close the cap and press the injection button for approximately three seconds. This will release the essence into the steam generator, meaning once you activate...

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What You May Have Missed

Here at Insignia, we aim to provide you with the best quality steam experience, therefore we don’t just stop at the DIY Steam Kits or Heavy Duty Steam Generators. We also do a range of accessories to give you the option of adding to and enhancing your experience and customer satisfaction. So, here is a list of accessories that you may have missed when looking through our website. Bench Packs St...            </p>
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