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May Day – The Upcoming Sale

May_Bank_Holiday_Sale As we all know it’s May Day bank holiday coming up (1st May) therefore we wanted to tell you about what we have planned for you. First, let's start off discussing why is it called May Day? According to the Anglo-Saxons they believed to celebrate 1st May because it was the beginning of summer, makes sense right? Who likes cold weathe...

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Insignia INS9005 Twin Cabin Steam Shower

Picture of Insignia INS9005 Twin Cabin Steam ShowerThe Insignia INS9005 twin cabin steam shower offers a unique double cabin that has separate columns with two mixer shower heads – this means you can operate both showers at the same time, which can be ideal in the right circumstances. Not only that but like all of our showers the INS9005 twin cabin has a monsoon shower in the middle of the cabin enclosed within the roof. At 1400mm wide and 900mm deep the INS9005 is one...

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Insignia and their unique Chromotheraphy feature on showers

‘otherwise known as – Colour Therapy’

It’s a feature that has been used for many years, dating back to the ancient Egyptians when solarium rooms were built with different coloured glasses. The sun would shine through the glass onto the patient to achieve specific therapeutic benefits. Chromotherapy is believed to aid physical and mental well-being. So, we wanted to bring this concept to our showers. Within your Insignia shower you have the option to set the LED’s to 1 colour to scroll through all colours in the selection.

‘It’s changed the way I shower, setting the colours in conj...

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Going up in the world – We’re not ‘mezzin’ about!

6 stages of Mezzanine   With the expansion of the range and the amount of territory covered, an increase in sales was always on the horizon. This, of course, threw up a dilemma with the amount of stock the UK warehouse could hold. The increasing demand from the ever growing network of Insignia resellers not only allowed us to grow internally but almost forced our hand. Expanding into a secondary warehouse was not logistically viable ...

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Insignia’s Animation Adverts

In an ever-growing digital market, it is important to not only have a presence but stand out as well. Something unique, engaging, funny and eye-catching are just a few of the main characteristics required for successful digital marketing. Here at Insignia, we are proud to step outside of the box and create adverts and video content which makes you take notice. We began with product videos along with sales orientated videos to begin growing the YouTube channel. Following this, we entered the ‘Virgin Media Pitch to Rich’ competition in 2015 and created a funny video which has been very well received and was very fun to cre...

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