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Introducing the AMI Retro Kits

Insignia would like to introduce you to AMI – The Aromatherapy Modular Injection System pioneered byami-retro-kit_1 Insignia. AMI is the first and only injection-based system amongst the steam market. Setting up and using could not be easier. All you need to do is remove the filler cap, pour in your AMI Essence, close the cap and press the injection button for approximately three seconds. This will release the essence into the steam generator, meaning once you activate the steam function via the control panel, your shower cabin will begin to fill up with luxuriously fragrant steam. The AMI system is the pinnacle of innovation and now you can bring AMI to your existing steam shower or steam room with a variety of AMI Retro Kits.

There are 3 different types of AMI Retro Kits. These are the AMI Retro Kit, which has 2 variations depending on whether your steam generator is either horizontal or vertical. Also, these AMI Retro Kits are only compatible steam generators with a power rating up to 3kw. If you are looking at taking advantage of the Innovative and sophisticated AMI System, however, your steam generator has a power rating of 6kw, 9kw or 12kw then you would need to have a look at Insignia’s AMI Heavy Duty Generator Retro Kit, which is made with heavy duty components to withstand heavy duty steam generators.

Now that you have learned of the 3 different types of AMI Systems then why not Click Here and to see which one is best for you and can bring your steam shower or steam room to life.