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Insignia Instructions

Insignia Instructions

Here at Insignia, we aim to provide the best possible showering experience possible for our customers. Part of being
able to provide this service is making sure your build process is as easy and straight forward as possible. This is why Insignia prides themselves in their award-winning instructions.

All our instructions for our steam and hydro-massage showers or steam generators are Istructions 1st pagekept online on our Insignia range website for easy access for all our customers. Our installation guides are regularly checked and updated to keep the entire build process as easy and stress-free as possible. We provide as much information and detailed step by step illustration with our instructions as possible to make sure your installer can fit your new luxurious Insignia steam cabin with ease. In our instructions, we cover all possible areas to make sure that your installer has everything they need before starting the build process. So, before you reach the build process you will see in our instructions the electrical, plumbing and tool requirements as well as the schematics to help you decide the perfect position for you to install your steam shower cabin. This is to ensure your installer is prepared and has all the tools required at his disposal before starting the build process. Following on from this come starting the build process which will state a dry run is required before properly building the unit to make sure the installer is familiar with the process and has no problems installing the unit. After the dry run is complete then your installer will be more than ready to build the steam shower cubicle properly. Once the build process has been finished then next you have the accessory installation, which once again is shown with detailed illustrations and step by step information. We also suggest that the customer should always keep their instruction manual after their installer has finished using it as it has a instruction control paelvery detailed set of control panel instructions to help the customer with any of the touch screen control panel functions. Finally, there is also an SP page that includes all the steam shower components and their spare part code because if under the unlikely circumstance where something may break or malfunction you know exactly which part you need for your hydro-massage cubicle and the code for that particular part.