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Category Archives: Steam Showers

Don’t be scared, go white!

Let's go white White is a scary colour for some, especially when it comes to your household due to the mess of kids or a messy husband - Don't worry we know... On the other hand white can be such a elegant colour when it comes to a household, therefore if you can use it then do! Culver_bathroom_-_MiBelle In this blog we are going to give you a guide to using this clean colour where you can.

So why is this colour so popular?<...

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Steam and Wellness

Most of us have experienced a steam room at some point in our lives, whether it be at a gym, health club or a spa and it is safe to say they are increasing in popularity. Having one in your own home may be seen by some as an unnecessary luxury but we are inclined to disagree. Whilst we agree it is a luxury, there are many health benefits to using a steam room regularly that you are probably unaware of. Below are benefits of steaming regularly and a good case for why you should invest in an Insignia steam shower. Read More

Why buy an Insignia?

You’re looking for a bathroom but you don’t know where to start as it’s very daunting with so much out there in the industry… Insignia design and manufacturer, what we like to say the best in the marketing and we’re going to tell you why you should purchase an Insignia. Insignia_Showers_GT5000L There are many features on our showers, some more so than the competition and combined with our years of knowledge and quality of design it’s a no...

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The all new INS4000 | Insignia Steam Shower

It's been all go at Insignia this year, yet again. We've had new starters, new ranges/showers and so much more. This brings me to tell you about something very new...

We have launched a new product (INS4000) - exciting stuff ay?

The INS4000 is packed with our trademark features alongside it's very unique features exclusive to this shower only. When we say our trademark features these include Steam, Bluetooth and Chromotherapy to say the least.

So let's get down to business...

This cabin is a rectangular shape and has been ...

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The Advancement of Bathroom Technology

Technology is advancing at an alarmingly fast rate. Think about mobile phones for a moment. The computers and internet of 25 years ago don’t even come close to the physical capabilities of mobile phones today. A portable computer which fits in your pocket is more powerful than the highest spec computers of the early 90’s which is a frightening notion. Think about the bulky and awkward TV’s of the early 90’s. A grainy picture, ludicrously heavy and approximately 24-28” as standard. Compare that to today where a 50” LCD HD Smart TV is relatively standard. Not just an upgrade in picture quality and size but also shap...

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