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Welcome to the second instalment of our 2018-2019 bathroom trends blog. Here at Insignia we can help you to achieve your bathroom aspirations with our range of luxury baths and showers, showing you how best to incorporate our showers with the most up-to-date bathroom styles and designs.


Matt black bathroom fixtures and accessories


Insignia make it as easy as possible for you to customise your shower. We have some great options available to help you hit the matt black trend bang on. With our range of back panel colour options, you can choose our matt black option to make a bold statement and keep on trend.

The INS8721 comes with a black frame as standard to fit in with your new black accented bathroom. The special web exclusive ES002 features black back panels – exactly on trend. Only a few of our web exclusive ES002 showers are left, so don’t miss out!

Bold accents


Adding bold colours to your bathroom is an upcoming trend for 2019. Some people will update their bathroom with accessories in their favourite bold and beautiful colour, but our Insignia Carbon Edition colours can be added to the back panels of your Insignia shower. You can see the INS8720 shower cabin above with the stunning wine-red option. Couple this with some deep red colour towels and other bathroom accessories to be bang on trend this coming season.


Narrow fit furniture

Great for smaller bathrooms with little space. Create the illusion of more space with compact, narrow fit furniture. Plus… more room for your Insignia Bath or Shower!


Digital showers

 Insignia Digital Showerhead

Like most of our showers the INS9002 has a built-in control panel that features Bluetooth technology, so you can connect your smart device and enjoy your favourite music or alternatively listen to the FM radio.

Why not add a digital shower head? Featuring 18 bright LED lights located around the outer ring of the shower head which change colour in conjunction with the temperature displayed, perfect for families – eliminating any scald or minor burns from the shower being too hot.

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