Steam Showers

Insignia Stand Up To Cancer

Here at Insignia we are joining the fight and you should too. Yes, that’s right, it’s the fight against cancer. We as a company are standing up and doing our bit and you can help us in our quest. Most people are directly affected by cancer in one way or another throughout their lifetime and with the issue close to many hearts here at Insignia it seemed a logical decision to get involved as a business.

Stand up to Cancer is a great cause and one that is highly prominent in the media at the moment which brought the cause to the attention of the office. We had a meeting and discussed how we could best get involved. Naturally, there is just simply donating money but that wouldn’t benefit the charity nearly enough as it possibly could with some of the ideas we had. As a shower company, specialising in steam showers we felt it was a natural solution, but what was the direction. After some discussion, the idea of a silent auction which will be promoted through various social media platforms was something that could not only gather momentum throughout November but also raise a significant amount of money for the cause. The silent auction is promoted through our Insignia Outlet Facebook page and all bids will be made via inbox message. The highest bid at the end of the month will purchase the shower in question, which is the INS8727 900mm quadrant steam shower and ALL proceeds will go to Stand up to Cancer.

We have some other ideas we are working on to continue raising money and awareness for the fight against cancer so stay tuned and keep an eye out for what we are doing that you can join us and get involved in too.