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Monthly Archives: August 2016

What you can expect from Insignia Instructions

    Insignia pride themselves on their award winning instructions and strive to make the build process as easy as possible for installers because a perfect build equals a happy customer. All of our instructions for our steam showers, hydro-massage showers, steam generators, AMI Kits and other accessories are kept online on our Insignia Range website for easy access for all our customers. Our installation guides are regularly checked and updated to keep the entire build process as easy and stress free as possible. The instructions themselves all include detailed drawi...

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Steaming to help Skin Conditions

steam skin blogSkin conditions can affect many people in many different forms. Steaming regularly can reap many benefits, especially to a condition the majority of us faced during our teenage years; acne. When you steam your pores open up and all the excess dirt that clogs them up can be removed with ease. When you simply wash your face in a normal way, it doesnâ€...

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Website Exclusives

Insignia are proud to announce some brand new web exclusive shower cabins as part of the non-steam range which are only available through the Insignia Outlet website. The new GT002 and GT003 join the popular GT006 as part of our trio that are available currently at incredibly low prices. We appreciate not everyone is in the market for a steam shower and we aim to cater for everyone, whether it be steam or non-steam. As part of the hydro-massage collection and unique in size we feel they add real substance to the non-steam end of the market. The new GT002 and GT003 have borrowed their shape and dimensions from two of our incredib...

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Steam Generator Buyers Guide

If you're interested in enjoying all the benefits of steam and aren’t sure whether you want to design your own steam shower cubicle or create your own steam room, then this helpful guide has all the tips and tricks to help you decide exactly which steam generator you need. Whether this be a Pro/Deluxe DIY steam kit or even a 6, 9 or 12KW generator for heavy duty use, Insignia has you covered. Sizes One of the most important factors when purchasing a steam generator is size. If you’re looking to create your own bespoke steam shower ranging from 900x900 to a 1700x900 rectangular steam quadrant , then lo...

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Insignia Innovation

Countdown timer   We consistently improve our website to bring you the best possible version to make shopping that little bit easier. We have now recently installed a brand new Plugin which allows us to put a countdown timer on a product with a limited time offer. We are doing this to give you the best possible prices, offers and deals first h...

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