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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Why Buy an Insignia Shower

Due to our lifestyles technology has had to evolve to cope with the ever increasing stress levels we endure on a daily basis. One of the more revolutionary concepts resides in the steam shower and the steam shower bath. splashing-275950_1280 Based around the shower enclosure these amazing systems take showering to a whole new level by offering a...

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The GT4000 Steam Shower

  GT4000B Debuting back in 2014, the GT4000 fast became a real hit with customers. Unique in it's appearance and design, this shower cabin literally sells itself. It is our only shower quadrant with a tub in built into the base. The tub itself is roughly knee height, and there is also a seat moulded into the design at the back. Perfect for steaming, relaxing after a lo...

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The Importance of a Water Softener

LP-SIG Hard water is an issue throughout the UK, which is something many people of uninformed on. Calcium carbonate in the water, more commonly referred to as limescale, is a substance we are all familiar with; hard, chalky, white, and above all else, an absolute nightmare to clean. Commonly you find limescale in your kettle, due to the constant boiling of water, but your pipes, taps and...

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