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Steam and Wellness

Most of us have experienced a steam room at some point in our lives, whether it be at a gym, health club or a spa and it is safe to say they are increasing in popularity. Having one in your own home may be seen by some as an unnecessary luxury but we are inclined to disagree. Whilst we agree it is a luxury, there are many health benefits to using a steam room regularly that you are probably unaware of. Below are benefits of steaming regularly and a good case for why you should invest in an Insignia steam shower. Read More

Insignia, making a splash in the world of social

We are always working closely with industry new magazines to show and tell our new designs and ideas when it comes to changing the industry. In the upcoming month of July, we was asked to put a piece together about our presence on social media, as the BKU couldn’t help but compliment us on this subject. Due to the success of everything marketing, the marketing team at Insignia are very proud and at any given time we like to shout about it.

It’s not all online…

You may also see us in their paper copy of the July edition talking about our innovative designs with one of our new showers (Read More

Bathroom tips and tricks

Cleaning your shower glass cabin can be hard, however that’s why we offer an amazing product called shower guard. What is it? Shower guard is a one time application before you start to use your Insignia. We like to advise our customers to purchase this little treat because we can’t get enough of it… Eliminating any smears and helping with water marks. Creating an easy clean coating for the shower cabin before use.

Save time and water!

Two features Insignia bring are safety and ease when showering. The first, all of our steam ...

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Why buy an Insignia?

You’re looking for a bathroom but you don’t know where to start as it’s very daunting with so much out there in the industry… Insignia design and manufacturer, what we like to say the best in the marketing and we’re going to tell you why you should purchase an Insignia. Insignia_Showers_GT5000L There are many features on our showers, some more so than the competition and combined with our years of knowledge and quality of design it’s a no...

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Knowledge is Power!

Insignia_Team_Knowledge_Base Here at Insignia we are constantly trying to improve every facet of our company, from the product in general to the customer service we provide. Our features in our showers speak for themselves and a short journey through Insignia’s history of shower cabins show the innovation and continued improvement in all aspects of the showers. With over 200 retailers in Europe we wanted to create a support system where answers are rea...

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