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Safe showering, what’s best for you?

It’s not advised to shower over 40 degrees, why? Well I’m going to advise you why over 40 is bad – and no we’re not talking about age. Safe showering is key to when it comes to health and other factors.

Inside and out

Yes hot water can relax muscles however heat creams and heating pads are so much better as they target a specific muscle group and the right muscle compared to your full body. Hot water will also bring the blood to the surface which makes you look like a lobster for about 10 minutes after the shower… with this it comes inflammation meaning it lea...

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Don’t be scared, go white!

Let's go white White is a scary colour for some, especially when it comes to your household due to the mess of kids or a messy husband - Don't worry we know... On the other hand white can be such a elegant colour when it comes to a household, therefore if you can use it then do! Culver_bathroom_-_MiBelle In this blog we are going to give you a guide to using this clean colour where you can.

So why is this colour so popular?<...

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Test Pit Reviews | Digital Mad!

We understand how important reviews are when purchasing any item… The marketing team have been working with KRPR which you maybe aware of from our last blog post. So far it’s been going great and this is why we are creating this blog! The Test Pit got in contact regarding our Digital Hand Shower due to the amount of traction we were receiving from the public. The marketing team at Insignia sent them a Digi to review as they were very excited about the product, not only that but what it can bring to your bathroo...

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Mood boards, creative colours and 2017 bathrooms

Like everything, bathrooms will change depending on times and trends. Starting in the 80’s where you either had a dusty pink or Jade green toilet, through to the 90s where it was acceptable to have a brown bath. Now it’s the 21st century and we believe you need to scrap the minimalist style of bathrooms for something more vibrant. Whether you like to prink or like to start from the bottom and change everything at once we have some ideas for you. Jade’s made her own little mood board for her bathroom seen as she likes to be a bit different, who likes this? Read More