AMI Oil Diffuser Steam Guard

AMI Oil Diffuser Steam Guard

AMI Essential Oil Diffusers

Infuse steam with natural aromatherapy and bring to life your shower or steam room with the fragrance of natural essences. This pack of AMI x10 diffuser pads and x1 essential oil delivers the perfect amount of aroma in just minutes.

For use with AMI essential oil and AMI steam diffuser guards.


x1 AMI Essential Oil
» x10 AMI Essential Oil Diffusers

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10 pack of essential oil diffusers and 1 bottle of AMI essential oil.

Carefully created to deliver the perfect amount of scent in minutes.

Soak the diffuser pad in water until it is fully hydrated. Pour 5ml of your chosen AMI essential oil onto the diffuser pad. The more oil you use the stronger and more intense the aroma.

Fully insert the diffuser pad into the oil diffuser steam guard's dedicated slot.

Engage the steam function on your shower to infuse the essential oil into the steam

Relax and enjoy pure aromatic bliss!

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