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Where to buy/see an Insignia Shower

  IMG_4594   Where to buy/visit With over 100 independent resellers throughout the UK and Europe, online and physical stores you are literally spoilt for choice on where to buy your Insignia Shower. What is important to remember though, is always do your research. There are many cheaper models out there, posing as Insignia showers, looking similar at half the price. In our experience we know, as do man...

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Steam Shower Spares

IMG_1551   Shower spares is an incredibly important topic, especially if you are in need of parts. There are many shower companies out there who simply do not have the spares backup to rectify any issue should one arise. This is where we differ, because Insignia boasts the largest shower spares collection in the entirety of Europe. Should anything go wrong on your shower we do not run away from our responsibilities to you as our valued customer. Should y...

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INS9012 Steam Shower Cabin

INS9012   The INS9012 stands unique within the range of Insignia Showers. An 800mm quadrant, it is not only the smallest shower we do within our steam range, but now it is officially the smallest in the entire range, but don’t let that deter you. Petite perfection is the INS9012, luxurious in it’s style and design it can fit into the more modest sized bathrooms. Why should larger bathrooms reap all the benefits? Here at Insignia we cater for everyone an...

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Biggest Bathroom Trends of 2016 Part 2

4.Bath-Shower Hybrids

While showers represent the ultimate in speed and convenience, bathtubs offer a luxurious soaking experience. It’s no surprise the choice between a bath or shower can be a strenuous decision. Well at Insignia we say why choose? If you want the best of both worlds we have a range of top of the line Bath and shower hybrids to suit all your needs whether it’s a long relaxing soak after an exhausting day or a quick power shower before work. Our Bath-shower hybrids give you all the state of the art features found on our showers comb...

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Biggest Bathroom Trends of 2016 Part 1

Biggest Bathroom Trends of 2016 So Far

Is your bathroom or en-suite looking outdated, boring or maybe your just ready for a change but are short of ideas? If so, then look no further we have the top leading trends of 2016 for bathroom designs that are guaranteed to help you to have the bathroom that your family adore and that leaves your friends in awe.


1-Free Standing Shower Units

  For people in smaller homes, ...

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