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Category Archives: Water Softeners

Shower Cabin Accessories-Water Softeners

Here at Insignia we aim to provide you with the best quality and showering experience therefor we don’t just stop at the shower. We also do a range of accessories to give you the option of adding to and enhancing your experience and customer satisfaction.   Water Softeners Insignias very own LP-SIG unit has been developed by Splendid Products Limited who for over 10 years have manufactured and sold the Little Plumber electronic range of water conditioners. Our water softeners work by coiling aerials around the  Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Water Softeners

How it works   Lime scale is typically the bonding together of tiny impurities in your water, these tiny impurities in your water are probably atoms of Iron, Lead or other metals that produce clusters. These minuscule "sub-microscopic clusters" are so small that they cannot be seen by normal optical methods but result in the buildup of lime scale. Our water softeners work by coiling aerials around the water feed to your home or shower, the water softener then induces a series of very low frequencies electronically into the water. These frequencies run in both directions in the body of the water and in turn breakdow...

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The Importance of a Water Softener

LP-SIG Hard water is an issue throughout the UK, which is something many people of uninformed on. Calcium carbonate in the water, more commonly referred to as limescale, is a substance we are all familiar with; hard, chalky, white, and above all else, an absolute nightmare to clean. Commonly you find limescale in your kettle, due to the constant boiling of water, but your pipes, taps and...

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