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May Day – The Upcoming Sale

May_Bank_Holiday_Sale As we all know it’s May Day bank holiday coming up (1st May) therefore we wanted to tell you about what we have planned for you. First, let's start off discussing why is it called May Day? According to the Anglo-Saxons they believed to celebrate 1st May because it was the beginning of summer, makes sense right? Who likes cold weathe...

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Going up in the world – We’re not ‘mezzin’ about!

6 stages of Mezzanine   With the expansion of the range and the amount of territory covered, an increase in sales was always on the horizon. This, of course, threw up a dilemma with the amount of stock the UK warehouse could hold. The increasing demand from the ever growing network of Insignia resellers not only allowed us to grow internally but almost forced our hand. Expanding into a secondary warehouse was not logistically viable ...

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Insignia Launch Branded Clothing

When it comes to work attire, office uniform everyone always has a different idea of what is deemed acceptable, especially when the uniform is stated as smart casual. Here at Insignia, we have revolutionised what our office staff wear on a day to day basis by getting new branded polo shirts and hoodies. We are getting the best of both worlds with the staff wearing comfy clothing but it equally looks smart as it represents the company with the logo and image whether it be drivers on the road, staff in the warehouse or the guys in the office/showroom, there is a new consistency which mirrors the brand. Quality is the message that ...

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What You May Have Missed

Here at Insignia, we aim to provide you with the best quality steam experience, therefore we don’t just stop at the DIY Steam Kits or Heavy Duty Steam Generators. We also do a range of accessories to give you the option of adding to and enhancing your experience and customer satisfaction. So, here is a list of accessories that you may have missed when looking through our website. Bench Packs St...            </p>
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Introducing The GT6000

Here at Insignia we strive to give you the best possible steam and shower experience, which is not only the reason we are frequently upgrading and remodeling our shower cabins but also the reason we are Europe's leading no.1 when it comes to steam showers. So, in keeping with our aim, we would like to introduce you to one of our innovative steam showers, the GT6000. gt6000 The GT6000 is unique to the range, being the only cabin with 950mm x 950mm dimensions. So, if you...

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