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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Benefits to Owning a Steam Shower

Steam showers have pioneered the shape of showering through there sleek cutting edge designs and their fantastic range of features, but what are the real benefits for having a steam shower?   Increase in Property Value In today’s housing environment it can be exceptionally difficult to sell a property and although a steam shower will not add value to the price of your home, it has great potential for marketability. People looking to buy a new home are enticed to objects of desire and what better way to entice a buyer than with a luxury steam shower enclosure illuminating your bathroom.   Read More

The Insignia GT842 Hydro-Massage Shower Cabin

GT842M   The GT842 is completely unique within the Insignia Range. It is the only shower cabin that does not have a roof, and is one of only two that does not have a control panel. Despite a control panel with FM radio, lights, Bluetooth and all the other add-ons being a massive USP for some shower cabins, we also feel a shower without this is also a USP. This is because...

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